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Friday, October 01, 2004

Giving Up on Limit Poker

So, I've decided to give up on limit poker. For a while anyway. I can't seem to beat it. I don't know if I'm playing poorly, or running into bad luck, or what, but I've been on a huge losing streak. Maybe its the poker gods trying to get me to quit poker all together, by draining my bankrole, or maybe they only want me to play no-limit tournaments but they certainly don't want me playing limit poker.

I should specify that I am playing low limit, like $.50/$1 and maybe $1/$2, and that could have something to do with my results. I think the low limit game is too loose for me, but I don't have the confidence or the cash to be playing higher limits just yet. I've read Lee Jones' book, Winning Low-Limit Hold'em, but it hasn't helped much. I think I need to read it again, which is unfortunate because I lent it to a friend.

The hand that finally put me over the edge came a few nights ago. I got dealt pocket Kings for the third time in about an hour. The previous two I had had to fold when Aces came up on the flop, and there were still a ton of people in the hand and betting. This time, I got the cowboys in late position, and raised back and forth with one guy a positions ahead of me, until we capped the betting. The flop came [10c Kd 4c] which was one of the best flops I could have asked for. The other guy and I cap the betting again. So far I have the nuts, so I'm happy that I might finally make up for those previous hands. The turn comes [9c] which makes me want to cry. The other guy bets, and I only call because with my recent luck, I am 100% sure he has two more clubs in his hand. I don't remember what the river was, but it didn't matter because he had [Ac Kc] and his flush beat my poor little trip Kings. The worst part is that he had hit top pair with an Ace kicker on the flop, and if anything other than clubs, or two aces had fallen, I would have taken him for a ton.

So as I was saying, I'm going to stick to no-limit sit and gos for a while. I'm more comfortable and apparently better at those anyways. That's pretty much what I got into poker playing, and I think I'll stick to it. I'd love to play more multi table tournaments, but I don't often have three or four hours free for poker, so we'll have to see what happens.


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