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Friday, November 19, 2004

Low Limit Poker: Part II

I decided to stray from my moderately successful sit-n-go tournament routine to try limit ring games again. I was afraid things were going to just as bad as when I first stopped playing ring games, when my pocket kings got beaten by a 4-5 offsuit. This guy called my preflop raise, and raised my bet on the flop when he paired his four. He picked up the five on the turn, and fortunately I had backed off because I put him on trips at that point. I was flopped trips kings, and then trip jacks, shortly after that hand to restore my confidence in the fairness of the poker gods. I got a few hours in yesterday and today, and ended up about even overall.

I think I'm getting much better at putting opponents, on hands, but I don't think my style will allow me to be too successful at the low limit game. That sucks, because I don't really have the bankroll for a higher limit right now. My problem is that I know that just because your hole cards a suited, or sequential, doesn't necessarily mean they are any good. It seems that most people at the real low limit games that I play don't get this, or don't care because they call just about anything. If there were one or two people at a table that played like this it would be fine. I'm pretty sure I could relieve them of most of their chips given enough time. The problem is when seven or eight people at a table play like that, usually one of them manages to back into a hand and I get screwed. I guess I'll go back to tournies for the most part and throw in some ring games just to mix it up.


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