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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Poker Lull

I seem to be stuck in another lengthy period of non-pokery activities. Its not intentional, but between work, and volleyball, and landscaping the crap out of my lawn, and various weekend excursions and trying to research new cars I either haven’t had time to play or I’ve been so tired that playing would not have been a wise move. So since I haven’t had time to play lately, I also haven’t had time to come up with any new bits of poker wisdom or anything else worth posting on this here blog, but I figured I would at least put this up lest my three remaining readers thing something tragic has happened to me.

I’ll be in LA this weekend with my wife, visiting her brother, so I don’t see any poker on the near horizon but the WSOP just started so maybe you can find some summaries to keep you entertained in my blogging absence.

I will have a “halfway through the year progress report” sometime later this week or next. I know you can’t wait that long, but you’re just going to have to.



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