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Saturday, December 16, 2006

More SNG stuff

I played in two of the longest SNG's I've seen in quite a while this morning. I was two tabling a 6 handed SNG and a full table, and after an hour both were still on the bubble. Its rare that any SNG lasts that long, but two at the same time, and one of them shorthanded to begin with seems odd.

I ended up winning the short handed one, and bubbling out of the full table. I'm fairly certain that I could have one the full table SNG had I not been distracted by the heads up battle on the other table. I still can't understand how people can multitable 4+ tourneys at a time. When they are all in the early stages its fine, because you aren't playing as many hands, and the hands aren't going as fast, but when you get down to three or four players, you are making decisions every few seconds, and I can't believe you can play even close to optimal poker under those circumstances. Maybe my poor little brain just isn't meant to handle the fast paced world of online poker. Maybe I should take up bingo or slots. I don' t think there's much thought required for those.


FYI I switched over to the new blogger beta. The interface seems better, and now I can tag my posts, which is nice. Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious later I'll go back and tag all the posts in my archives. That sounds like a lot of work though, and I'd have to go back and read all that crap I've written. Maybe not. I'm not sure if blogger will do anything special with the tags, so we'll see.

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