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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Worst. Movie. Ever.

I have done it. I have found the worst movie in the history of bad movies. This is a movie that was bad that I think the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew would have been at a loss for words as to the proper way to mock it. The movie was Street Fighter, Legend of Chun-li.

Don't get me wrong, I expected this movie to be terrible, but it was considerably worse than I ever could have imagined. I went to watch it at the local brew and view type theater which is perfect for taking in bad movies. You go there have a few beers to enjoy some cheesiness. Its where Snakes on a Plane and every Will Ferrell was meant to be watched. I was expecting some good old lame plot as an excuse for crazy fight scenes type movie, and what I got was an incredibly lame and ofter random plot, while very few fight scenes, none of which were worthy of a movie based off of a fighting video game.

The movie was so bad that halfway through two of the guys in our group stopped drinking. Very little in the movie made any sense and they thought they had it was because they had had one too many.

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