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Monday, October 04, 2004

Tournament Of Champions

****Warning**** Possible Spoilers
I finally saw the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions on ESPN. I'm glad that Annie Duke won, although I think I would have been pleased if anyone other than Phil Helmuth won. I can't believe that is actually that arrogant. It has to be some sort of made for TV act.

I don't understand why Annie was so upset when her Sixes beat Howard's Sevens. That's poker that's what happens. Although I guess I've never screwed my brother out of a shot at two million bucks so maybe I shouldn't talk.

Can you imagine how much Phil would have bitched if someone had beaten his pair of Kings with a pair of Tens like he did to Johnny Chan?

I was hoping Greg Raymer would do better. It would have been interesting to see how the pros reacted to his playing style when there were fewer people left. He was doing well at first, but against really good players, I think his loose aggressive style is bound to catch up with him, and it did.


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