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Saturday, November 20, 2004

World Championship Poker Game

Press Release

Game Site

Crave Entertainment has come out with a poker game for most popular video gaming systems. You can play a variety of different poker variations, compete in tournaments, play against up to four live opponents and even try career mode.

I'd be curious to see the AI for this. Most video games tend to get harder as you progress through the game. I wonder if they make the players smarter, or start stacking the deck against you. I know that there are games out there such as Wilson's Turbo, that aim to actually teach you to be a better player, and that you can tweak the AI in those games, but this seems to be aimed at the video gamer who has seen poker on TV rather than they guy who wants to learn how to be a profitable player.

I can't imagine this game being too successful though, because I would expect anyone in high school or older to find some online poker room, rather than resort to this game. They can play for free against nine other people online. I wouldn't be surprised if A) this game becomes a big hit with kids too young to play for real money, or too young to use the internet unsupervised, and B) gets some sort of protest by angry parents who don't want their kids learning how to be a degenerate gambler.

I have a live tournament tonight. There is supposed to be between 20 and 30 people there. I'll go with 15ish. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some victories to report.


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