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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dreaming about Poker

I don’t usually remember by dreams, but for some reason I remember last night's. The part I remember involved a poker tournament. This probably means that I’m thinking about poker way more than is healthy for a normal person, but I’ll leave that analysis to a professional, or at least someone who’s taken more than psych 101 in college.

Anyway, since it was about poker, I thought I’d share. The first part I remember is that everyone was all seated in some auditorium type setting, although someone else had been assigned the same seat as me. Somehow they had overbooked the event.

From there, it cuts to the tournament, where I’m doing reasonably well. I think everyone started with a different amount of chips, and I started with less than most, but I had climbed to above average.

The next thing I remember, I’m looking down at a flop of 33A. I check my hole cards, and see that I have bullets. I’ve got the full house. There’s some betting, and there are two other people in the hand with me. The turn is a Q, and the three of us end up all in. The guy directly across from me turns over AQ, and I think I’m drawing dead because he has Aces full of Queens to my Aces full of Threes. Then I look to other guy, and see that I really am drawing dead because he had pocket threes. So I’m busted out of the tournament. After waking up, I realized that the guy with AQ only had two pair, and it irritated me that I thought he had me beat.

So there’s the first dream that I can remember in quite a long time. Nothing really weird, unless you count that fact that poker has now firmly embedded itself in my subconscious, and that can’t be good. Maybe that means its time to take a break for a while....nah that's crazy talk, it must be my subconscious complaining that I haven't been playing enough recently. Yeah that's it.



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