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Monday, December 20, 2004

Second Set of 10

My second set of sit and goes isn't going so well. So far I've played three and finished in 10th, 5th and then 6th. I'm definitely not on my game. I'm not quite sure why.

In the first game, I went out on the fourth hand. Horrible play on my part, but it was a tough hand. I had KQs in the BB and a number of limpers. I flopped a King high flush. I 1BB hoping to draw a raise, which I did. I reraised and got two callers. I don't remember the exact amounts, I should really save some hand histories. Turn is a rag, and I bet strong, realizing that another spade could be big trouble for me. The guy to my left folds, and I get one caller. Sure enough, the river is a spade, and the guy goes all in. I make a crying call and he turns over the Ace of Spades. I don't know what I could have done better there, besides folding on the river. I didn't want to bet too much on the flop and turn because I didn't want to scare them away, but I also didn't want anyone chasing and hitting the nut flush, which they did.

In the second game, nothing too interesting happened. I was medium stacked with five players left, and tried to steal a blind with A8o. I got called by the big blind, and when he check raised me on the flop, I had to fold. That left me pretty short stacked, and I was forced to go all soon there after.

The third game was an interesting one. First of all there was a ton of significant pre-flop raising early on, and then almost none after a few blind increases. Secondly, I had big slick four times, and on none of them did anything good happen for me. The first hand I had AK under the gun and raised to two BB. SB called. The flop was Axx all diamonds. Small blind goes all in, and I'm forced to fold. Next hand, I get Big Slick again, and fold it preflop to $380 raise. (Blinds are $10/20). We get down to six people and I get AK in the big blind again. Everyone folds to the SB, and I'm hoping he raises so I can push all in. He's been raising pretty aggressively all night, and I think he's likely to try to steal my blind with just about anything. Sure enough he does raise, and I push all in. Much to my dismay, he calls and turns over a pair of tens. The board provides no help and just like that, I'm out.

Pretty crappy poker day for me. Better luck tomorrow I guess.


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