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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrapup

I took the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off since I have worked just about every day this month, and was getting a bit sick of it. I also had some friends coming in from out of town. I was planning on playing poker all morning, but The Poker Room's servers were having problems or something. I think I'm going to start playing at Party Poker. Most of the other bloggers play there, and they seem to think its a good site.

We went up to my family's in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. On a side note, can the Chicago Bears offense be any more pathetic? I think their strategy ought to be to punt the ball on first down so that their defense and special teams have more chances to score.

I got in a few sit and gos after we got back. These had to be the most painfully frustratingly slow tournaments I was ever in. The first game, one of the guys decided that everyone was too slow for him, so he would show us, and wait until his timer had almost expired before making his decision. That made for a real fast paced and exciting tournament. In the second game I thought was going to be a real loose table. I actually ended up all after the flop on the first hand. I split the pot with the guy who had the same hole cards as I did. The table stayed loose for a hand or two, but then for no apparent reason tightened up, to the point where there were still nine of us left when the blinds hit 150/300. Usually we're down to four or five by then. I couldn't get anything going and tried to push with marginal hands, and it finally caught up to me.

I decided to try some micro limit games again, and if I ever do that again please someone come over to my house and beat some sense into me. I played for about an hour, and the only decent hand I had, wired kings, got beaten by a straight that this guy picked up with his J4s on the river. I don't know. Maybe I'll try the no limit games.

I went back to the sit and gos, and managed to finish in second, so, not counting my brief limit ring game fiasco, I was even for the night.

I got a couple more tournies in on Saturday. In the first, I finished in fifth, just not getting the right cards at the right time. In the second, I kept going all in against the same guy pre-flop, and I always had the higher pair, and it always held up. He kept getting chips from everyone else, then going all in against me and losing them. I think one of the other guys was playing Sklanky's "System". I don't think he started out doing it, but when once he was down to 1000 chips, he either folded or went all in. This was when the blinds were still at the first or second level, so he wasn't short stacked by any means. I think he finished fifth. I ended up finishing third, although I should have done better. I had 68o in the BB and flopped two pair. I decided to slow play them rather than taking the pot right there, and let the other guy back into a straight. Bad play on my part.

So, for the weekend I'm about even. I think I'll try a NL ring game this afternoon to see how that goes.


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