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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Finally, a PokerStars Win

I finally won a PokerStars SNG. It took nine tries, but I managed to do it. The one thing that is obvious from my recent play at PokerStars is that my heads up game needs some work. Of the nine games I've played, I've made it to heads up play in five of them, yet only won one. And in that lone victory, I started out with a huge chip lead and then almost blew it before battling back for the win.

I think the biggest reason that I am struggling in heads up play is that I'm still transitioning my style from how I played on PokerRoom. I'm used to playing at PokerRoom where by the time you make it to heads up play, the blinds are so high that if you ever make to a showdown its going to be for all of your chips. At PokerStars, the blinds don't get nearly as high, so you have quite a few more hands to work with. I really need to be more patient and not try to force it if I don't have to.

On another note, I don't know how people can play four tables at once. Especially no limit. I can barely keep up with two. I guess after enough practice it becomes second nature, but there were a couple of times today when I had to seriously think about what I wanted to do on both tables at the same time. Its bad enough debating one all-in call on a timer, let alone two. Add on another table or two and I think my brain would lock up. Guess that's why I'm not a professional.


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