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Friday, January 21, 2005

Tilt vs. Basketball

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but I haven’t really had much time for poker. There was an office game tentatively for last night, but we couldn’t get enough players so we had to cancel. People really need to get their priorities straight.

Thursday night is the night that my wife has fiddle (yes fiddle) lessons, so she doesn’t get home until late. Usually this means, I get to play online for a few hours, but I didn’t get any games in last night. I didn’t get home until later than usual because it was snowing, and for some reason no one knows how to drive when there’s any form of precipitation, let alone that scary white stuff. Plus once I got home, the Illini game was on, followed by Tilt, so I just parked on my couch for an evening full of sports.

ESPN needs to rethink its scheduling for Thursday nights. They have this big new show that they been relentlessly promoting, and yet for the past two weeks that show has started late, due to the basketball games going long. The first week it wasn’t so bad, because it only went about five minutes over, except that I had to watch Duke play. Last night, the game went into overtime, and lasted until 8:30. I didn’t mind this time, because it was the Illini game, so I didn’t have to miss either the game or, the show, but I have to think that there are a ton of people that wanted to watch Tilt that didn’t care about the game. It’s even worse for people that planned on watching the second showing of Tilt at 9:00. They would have tuned in to see the second half of the episode that started at 8:30, not knowing when it started, or when it would be over so that they could start at the beginning of the 9:00 showing. I don’t know why ESPN doesn’t just put a SportsCenter, on after the game, and then just show Tilt at 9:00. It seems like that way they could ensure that Tilt always starts on time, and we won’t have to listen to Brent Musburger make uncomfortable poker references for half an hour.

On a completely different note, rumor has it that there might be as many as 30 people showing up for our game on Saturday. I’ll be surprised if we get more than 20, but it’s nice to hope. It’s supposed to snow and we all know how scary that can be. Wouldn’t want to leave the house under those conditions or anything. Regardless, of how many people actually show up, it should be fun, and I’ll have a report on Sunday.


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