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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bad Poker Continues

Well, my string of bad SNG's is continuing as I have managed to play two more tonight without placing in the money. For those of you counting at home, that makes eight in a row and 11 out of the last 12 where I have not moneyed. And that one exception was a third place finish.

The first game tonight, I don't think was my fault. I just couldn't get any cards, and folded my way to nothingness. In the second, I let the fact that I finally had some good hole cards get in the way of the fact that I was probably beaten, and got knocked out because of it. The only decent hand I've had so far was TT, but I had to fold it when an Ace came on the flop, only to see another ten come on the turn. In this hand, had big slick on the button. This is the best hand I've had all day, by a long shot. here are seven players left including me. I have T1300 in chips and the blinds are 25/50. Three players limp ahead of me and I raise to T200. The small blind and one other player calls. Flop is TK6, two clubs. I actually made a hand. SB bets 50, other guy calls, and I raise to T200 again. Both call. Turn is Jd. SB checks and the other guy bets T300. At this point, alarms should have been going off in my head, but instead, I put him on a bluff, or maybe two pair, but probably not. He was trying to steal the only good hand I've had all day. What a bastard. I'll show him and reraise all in. SB calls. Uh-Oh. The other guy reraises the small blind all in. Uh-Oh again. SB turns over A4 both clubs and watches as he misses his flush draw. Other guy shows his Q9 for the straight. At least I can take comfort in the fact that the the SB made an even worse play than I did. I think. Calling me put him just about all in, and he did so on a draw. I don't understand that play. Its not like he was even short stacked and needed to make move or blinded out.



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