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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Progress Report: 2nd Set

My second set of ten sit and goes did not go well at all. The best I did was finishing in 3rd, and I only managed that once. I also managed three 4th place finishes and a 10th place finish. I don’t know what the problem is. Hopefully its just luck swinging in the other direction from my first set, and it will swing back for the next. It seems like I can’t get any playable cards, and when I have something that’s borderline, either someone will make a huge raise preflop, or the flop will miss me completely. I’m also playing in a perpetual state of fear that I’m getting out kicked, or that someone else paired their kicker or will pair their kicker on the turn or river. I’ll end up betting too much when I hit my top pair which causes everyone to fold. At least I’m winning the hand, but I could probably do better if I let them stick around for a few more cards.

I’m making such poor choices that I got called stupid and a dumbass in two consecutive tournaments, as I made what turned out to be some bad reads, and ended up inflicting some bad beats on people. In one case I had Q2 in the BB and one guy limped. The flop was KQx and I checked. He bet, and I raised him all in, thinking that he was trying to steal it. He turned over AA and I almost quit the program right there. A two came on the river to all but knock him out. It took me about 30 seconds to figure out how I had not lost that hand. The other play was when I was on the button and raised preflop with A8, trying to steal the blinds from the short stack. He called. The flop was 55J and he checked. I bet 300 (3x BB) he raised all in for 415 more. I figured he thought I was trying to steal it, which I was, and that didn’t have anything either. I called. He had JK. The turn and river were Aces of coarse and he went crying home, typing obscenities in the process. As I’ve commented before, I don’t know what those people’s problems are. They went all in with the best hand, and got called. What more could they want. Sure it sucks to lose those, but nine times out of ten, they are going to win. If they didn’t want to get called, they shouldn’t have made the bet. Didn’t matter anyway because in both cases I managed to blow it and lose those chips along with my own.

So here’s my stats so far.

Games 11-20:

Total invested $100+$10 Fees ($110 total)
Total winnings $20
Net -$90
Finished in the Money 1/10 times

1st Place 0
2nd Place 0
3rd Place 1
4th Place 3
5th Place 2
6th Place 2
7th Place 0
8th Place 0
9th Place 1
10th Place 1

Total :
Total invested $200+$20 Fees ($220 total)
Total winnings $210
Net -$10
Finished in the Money 7/20 times

1st Place 2
2nd Place 1
3rd Place 4
4th Place 3
5th Place 3
6th Place 3
7th Place 2
8th Place 0
9th Place 1
10th Place 1

I figured that after my first set, it would take at least two sub par sets to end up back in the red. I didn’t think I could suck quite this bad. I’m especially disappointed with the 10th and 4th place finishes. I think I’m good enough that I should almost never get eliminated first. That’s just ridiculous. I also need to start playing smarter when I’m on the bubble. There’s not much worse than playing poker for an hour and then making a few stupid mistakes to knock yourself out, leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts.



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