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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Progress Report: 4th Set

I finished a set of ten SNGs at PokerStars tonight, so I figured I'd give you an update. I know you've all been dying to hear how I've done since the last set. Well wait no longer because here it is:

PokerStars Games 1-10

Total Invested $100+$10 Fees ($110 Total)

Total Winnings $171
Net +$61
Finished in the Money 6/10 times

1st Place 1
2nd Place 4
3rd Place 1
4th Place 1
5th Place 1
6th Place 0
7th Place 1
8th Place 0
9th Place 1

Average 3.7


Total Invested $400 +$40 Fees ($440 Total)
Winnings $491
Net +$51
Finished in the Money 16/40 Times.

1st Place 4
2nd Place 7
3rd Place 5
4th Place 5
5th Place 4
6th Place 6
7th Place 6
8th Place 0
9th Place 2
10th Place 1

Average 4.475

As I said in my last post, my heads up game obviously needs some work, and I really need to finish in the money a whole lot more frequently. Four out of ten isn't going be good enough. I also need to play more. Maybe not as much as some people, but at least an average of one tournament a day should be sufficient.


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