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Monday, May 16, 2005

Some Probably Useless Statistics.

A few days ago I was playing a ring game on Party Poker, and it seemed like every time I was in the big blind I would be dealt 52o. Once I was done playing I pulled up my stats in Poker Tracker I saw that sure enough out of the 200 or so hands I had seen in that session I had 52o eight times, and five of those I had in fact been in the big blind. Interesting. I’m not claiming any sort of conspiracy theory, and I’m not bitching about always getting crappy cards, I was just curious to see how the randomness of cards manifested itself. So here are some more potentially interesting facts that I have gathered based on my Poker Tracker stats.

I have played the vast majority of my ring games at the $0.50/$1.00 level at Party Poker, so I’m only going to include those stats. I’ve played some at Poker Room, but I had a filter on my data when I started writing this and I’m too lazy to go back and update the post to include that data. Too bad. Maybe next time.

I have only played a total of 2827 hands at this level. I usually play SNGs and only recently started playing ring games with any regularity. I’ll put up some tournament stats later. Note that 2827 is not a real big sample size, so you can’t too many conclusions based on these facts.

Of the 2827 hands, the hands that I’ve been dealt the most are 52o and AQo at 38 times each.

Following that, I’ve had a number of hands 35 times. (AJo, A2o, T5o and K4o).

The hand I’ve had most often when posting a blind is 52o which I’ve had 15 times.

Second is KJo at 12 times.

The hands that I have the best winning percentages with are AA, followed by JJ and then KK. I’ll get to dirty QQ later.

I’ve had KK 21 times, compared to 9 times for AA.

My most profitable hand in terms of average BB/hand is AA at 3BB/hand.

After that comes KK and JJ at 2.55 and 1.85. (Can you guess what’s missing? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with UU. )

The hand that I’ve lost most with on average has been TT at -1.83BB/hand. Following that is Q9s at -1.13BB/hand, A7s at -1.10BB/hand and stupid QQ at -1.02BB/hand. The Q9s and A7s don’t bother me too much. I don’t play them all the time, and when I do I don’t seem to win with them. That tells me I should probably play them less than I do if at all. The tens I’m probably overvaluing and playing more aggressive with them than I should. The QQ really piss me off because it’s one of those hands where I feel like I should win more often than not, but I always seem to run into an A or K on the flop. Or even worse the turn or river. And some asshole is always sticking around with his A3o hoping for that river ace. Its frustrating because this should be one of my more profitable hands, and I think I am playing it correctly, it just doesn’t seem to hold up enough. Not that I’m bitter.

My most profitable position is two off the button where I average .17BB/hand. Least profitable is the big blind where I’m down an average of .28BB/hand. I’m actually down .01BB/hand on the button and I’m better two, three, and four seats off the button than one seat off. That should probably tell me something, but I’m not quite sure what.


Tournament play.

Since I gave some useless ring game stats, how about tournament play? This will be limited to Party Poker and Poker Stars, since I don’t think Poker Tracker supports PokerRoom’s tournaments yet. That kind of sucks because I’ve probably played more tournaments at PokerRoom than anywhere else. I’m going to combine the stats for all blind levels. I have a larger sample size here with 4,493 hands. Oh, and they’re all NL.

The hands that I have been dealt most often? ATo and Q6o, 60 times each.

The hand I’ve had most often when in one of the blinds is also Q6o at 27 times.

The hands that I have the highest winning percentage with is AA at 93.33%, followed by QQ at 91.67% and KK at 80%. See I can win with queens damnit. I think the fact that its no limit helps. I can convince those jackasses to fold their week ace with decent sized bets where as in limit there isn’t much I can do.

The most profitable hand in terms of BB/hand are KK at 4.21, 88 (?) at 3.53, AA at 3.2 and then QQ at 1.9. I think the 88 is skewed due to one hand where I flopped a set, and some moron with big slick called me down all the way through the river despite never improving.

My least profitable hand is TT at -.90BB/hand. TT again? I’m really going to have to reevaluate how I play this hand. On the plus side, I average losing less than 1BB/hand with my worst hand, so that has to be good, doesn’t it?

I’ve been dealt wired sevens 33 times while I’ve only had eights 11 times.

The four most profitable starting pairs for me AA, 88, QQ and KK are the four pairs that I’ve been dealt the least.

That’s about all I have. If anyone else feels like sharing, I’d be curious to what hands other people always get.



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