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Monday, July 04, 2005

Still playing at PokerRoom

I know that the general consensus seems to be that players at Party Poker are the worst online, but after playing at PokerRoom lately, I’m not so sure. I’ve only played a few times at the new level, so I don’t know how long this trend can keep up but I’m averaging over 26BB / 100 hands. At Party I was more or less even.

Now, it’s not really a valid comparison because I played a hundred times as many hands at Party thus giving variance a fair shot at evening out the good luck with the bad. I’m also playing at different levels, so that may also be responsible for my improved results. As I’ve said before maybe the fact that the players are better at the higher levels means that they are more selective with the hands they play and thus the bad beats are not quite as frequent.

Even still, I’m constantly having to go back to check the hand history to see what I was getting called down with, and I’m consistently amazed with how players will call you down to the river with their bottom pair, despite the fact that you bet/raised on every street. Or even worse when they call you down with any ace despite never improving. When the only think you can beat is a pure bluff, maybe you shouldn’t keep throwing chips in the pot. Especially when there is more than one player in there with you. Just a hint.

I’m still waiting for variance to kick in. I haven’t taken a real bad beat in a while, and I seem to be connecting on more than my fair share of flops. I’m either in line for a nice long run of crappy cards or my aces are going to get repeatedly cracked. Or maybe my nice run here is to make up for my horrible record in recent SNGs. I’ll take that trade.

Anyway, until the recent trend changes, I think I’m going to stick at PokerRoom for a while. Must … resist … urge … to claim July Party reload bonus.



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