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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Indoor volleyball season is underway and our team still sucks. Last night we played another team that we should have crushed, and still found a way lose. I don’t know what our problem is. I take that back, I do know what our problem is. We can’t handle serves. On either side. It seems like half the time, on our serve, we hit it into the net. Tough to score points that way. And then at least once a game we go through a period where we can’t return a server for four or five or twelve points in a row. I don’t know why, we just suck.


After a prolonged fall by Chicago standards, winter showed up yesterday. I almost forgot how much I hate winter. It’s cold, its dry, its dark, and for some reason the sight of snow decreases most people’s ability to drive by about 80%. We didn’t even have any accumulation last night, just flurries and still people drove like morons. You would think after living in the Midwest for a while you would learn how to drive in wintry conditions, but apparently not. It’s just snow people. You’ve all seen it before. Please go about your regularly scheduled business.


Speaking of driving, I have one other thing to bitch about. Normally I’m a pretty calm driver and note too prone to road rage. One of the exceptions to that is people driving slow, especially below the speed limit in the passing lane. This isn’t a difficult concept people. There are three lanes in an expressway. The rightmost lane is for semis, slow drivers, and people exiting soon. The center lane is for faster moving traffic, and the left lane is the fast lane or passing lane. If you are in the left lane and people to your right keep passing you, then you are in the wrong lane. Get out. If you are in the left lane, and someone comes up behind you at a significantly faster speed than you are driving, and then maybe starts tailgating you, you are in the wrong lane. Get out of the way. Some people have places to go, and they would like to get there before next Thursday. If you are not in a hurry, there are two other lanes for provided for your driving convenience. Please use them.



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