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Friday, November 04, 2005


I’m supposed to be in New Orleans right now. The Bears are playing the Saints this weekend, and I friend of mine and our wives were going to go down there to get our drink on and watch a real live football game.

I don’t know if you heard but there was this hurricane that kind of put a stop to those plans. It was in news. You should really get out more. The game got moved to Baton Rouge and we were still considering going, but they automatically cancelled everyone’s tickets to the game, and the rest of New Orleans isn’t exactly a prime vacation destination at the moment. Am I an asshole if the first thing I thought of when I heard about Katrina was if it was going to affect my ability to attend a sporting event? On second thought don’t answer that.

You can answer this though. Am I wrong to think that Delta Airlines should refund my flight to New Orleans? I understand that I purchased a non-refundable ticket, but I would think the nice customer service thing to do would be to acknowledge that this is a special circumstance and let me cancel my flight. It’s not like I just changed my mind and decided I didn’t want to go, my destination of choice got its ass kicked and isn’t really a destination anymore. If I can help it I will fly Delta once and only once more in my lifetime, and that is when I redeem cancellation voucher that I have from this trip.

Since we had already requested the time off, and neither one of us is exactly enthusiastic about our jobs at the moment, we decided to just take the extended weekend anyway and relax and maybe do some home improvementy type things. So far I have to admit; not going to work this morning is way better than going to work would have been. I could get used to this.



At 12:35 AM, Blogger jremotigue said...

No desire to go to Baton Rouge? It looks like you could have sat anywhere to watch the First Place Chicago Bears!


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