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Monday, October 10, 2005

Deal Making at Party Poker

Deal Making at Party Poker

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now there have been a few changes at Party Poker recently that has caused a bit of a stir in the online poker world.

Probably the biggest change is that they separated their player pool from that of their skins.  Sites like Empire Poker, Eurobet and Intertops all run versions of Party’s software, and until recently they all shared the same player pool.   That meant the smaller sites had 70,000+ active players just like Party.  Not anymore.  The recent update keeps each sites players separate.   Anyway, a number of other people have commented on that so I won’t go any further.  Check out Bill Rini or Sound of a Suckout for better analysis.

They also added a new “bet the color of the flop” feature where you can place a side bet if the flop will be all red or all black.   This sounds like a bad bet now, but just wait until I decide to play some drunken poker.  I’m sure it will look like a sure thing then.  If I can’t give my money to the other fish, why not give it back to Party?

And they added blackjack.  Yawn.  

The one new thing that I haven’t heard people mention is deal making option.   Now, for mutli table tournaments they have an option where you can work out a deal to split the remaining prize pool with the players still in the tourney.  While people have generally complained about the other new developments, I think this is pretty cool.  It’s not like I find myself in the situation where I’ll be able to use this all that often, but it nice to know that it might be there for me.  I’ve watched a few final tables for blogger tourneys at Poker Stars and seen people have to contact support as they are playing in order to initiate a deal which was a pain in the ass.  This seems like it will make it easy for everyone. You can read the full explanation of how it works here.



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