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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

WPBT Paulys Birthday Bash

WPBT Pauly’s Birthday Bash.

Just got knocked out of the tourney.  Not too bad. I finished 4th out of 67 for a $134 payday.    I’ll do a full write up tomorrow night.  It’s just about my bedtime, and I’ve been staring at my laptop for too long.

As a teaser, I did bust the following well known bloggers.


Although, before you start thinking that I’m actually a competent poker player, I do have to admit that at in least two of the above knockouts were due to some horrific bad beats that I inflicted upon them.  Oh well.  Gotta get lucky every now and then.  Other than that I folded a lot, and everything else worked itself out.

Anyway.  Come back tomorrow for all the exciting details.  



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