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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Happy Blogiversary to Me.

Today marks the one year anniversary of this very blog. If blogger’s stats are to be believed, in the past year I managed to compile 155 posts, at least half of which had something to do with poker. Honestly I’m amazed that I’ve found that many things to write about. I’m even more amazed that people are still reading. And I’m reasonably sure they are. (What’s wrong with you people anyway?)

So this is the part where I have some grand vision for the future of this blog and/or my poker career. Too bad I’m still making it up as I go. As far as writing goes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to write about poker. There are hundreds of other poker bloggers out there with more and more each day, and finding something to say that hasn’t already been said is quite a challenge. And you can only write about your latest bad beat so many times before everyone stops caring. I’d be surprised if I still had something to talk about a year from now, but I would have said the same a year ago. As for poker playing, hopefully I’ll be able to move up a few more levels or start playing in some higher profile tournaments, and that will provide some inspiration. I just need to build the bankroll a bit before I take that step.



At 12:00 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

congrats on a year!!!


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