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Monday, August 29, 2005


We had a double header volleyball match tonight. The first match we of coarse got swept even though the other team really wasn't that good. We should have beaten them. The second match put us against the one team in the league that is actually worse than us. And we actually won the match, earning us our first free victory pitcher of beer. Go Team.

Our court was free after the second match, and there was another team around that wanted to play a pickup game. Or two. Or three. Or maybe four. I don't know how much we played, but I can tell you it was at least three games more than I should have played. I'm too old, and out of shape for three and half hours of physical activity. Even typing this up is proving to be quite challenging, as my fingers aren't quite responding respond all that well.

I'm already starting to feel the pain from over exerting myself. Tomorrow is gonna be rough. Think I can call in out of shape and sore? I think I might have to.



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