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Monday, August 01, 2005

Go Fighting Banana Slugs

So, today marked the first volleyball match for the Fighting Banana Slugs. As far as volleyball goes, we make pretty good poker players.

Let's just say that we aren't going to be taking home any first place trophies this session. In three games, we scored a total of 6 points. Yeah. We're not good.

Now, in our defense, we only had five players today. On the other hand, in our (what's the opposite of defense in this context?) I don't think an extra player would have helped because we suck. That whole bump/set/spike thing... Yeah, not so much. We were lucky to get any one of the three, and if by some chance the ball made it over the net, we were considered it an accomplishment.

The only good thing is that after we got our asses kicked, we hung around to play with another team, and I am pretty sure they are worse than us. And they said that last session they won 2 games. So we should be able to take three from them and two from some other team, thus finishing three games higher than I previously would have guessed.

Oh well. It was fun, and I certainly needed the exercise, so I should probably stop complaining.



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