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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Post Vacation Random Thoughts

You know what sucks about getting back from vacation is that it takes me about week just to catch up on all the crap I missed while I was gone. Needless to say, I haven’t played any poker recently. So you get no poker content in this post, just a brain dump. Enjoy.


Door County was nice. It was a whole lot of just relaxing, which I certainly enjoyed. I did get suckered into a few too many shopping excursions, but after the first time I remember to bring my Harrington on Hold'em book so I could sit and read while everyone else looked at the amazingly lame shops in whatever town we were at that day. I’m about half way done with the book, and if I ever get the time to finish it, I’ll post a review.


We saw War of the Worlds and Batman Begins at the Door Count Drive in. I’d recommend both. I had no real interest in seeing War of the Worlds, but you only get one choice at a drive in, so what could I do? It was surprisingly good. I never saw the old one, and don’t think I’ve heard the radio version so I can’t compare it against those, but the movie really freaked me out.


You know what I hate? Tupperware containers. We have like 800 containers and about as many lids. You know how many containers and lids actually match up? About 12. My wife made jambalaya the other night, and she made enough extra to feed us for a month. I swear she did it on purpose just so she could laugh as I struggle to find the magic container and lid combinations. The worst part is that most of our Tupperware is all the same brand (Ziplock. I guess that means it’s not really Tupperware, but I don’t know what else to call it). Anyway, we have a bajillion containers that are all the same size, give or take .000001 inches. The problem is, if they aren’t the exact same size, the lid doesn’t stay sealed, and it just pops off. Now, I could understand if I was trying to match my Glad containers with Ziplock lids, but how fucking hard can it be to have one standard size across all your products so that they are interchangeable? Am I alone on this?


You know what else I hate. I hate my ex-coworker whose account I inherited. I also hate the fact that two months we gave an estimate for a few work requests, and one month after no one in my company is actively working in or supporting anyone in that whole industry, we get the work items approved. I was really hoping they would just go away and I would never hear from them again. I also hate the fact that he got bcc’ed on the email letting everyone know that the work was finally approved, and that within 30 seconds of receiving the email he was openly taunting me. So Tim, next time I don’t post for a while it will be your fault because I’ll be working overtime trying finish those crappy work requests that you should have to do. So quit your bitchin’ and start your own blog if you want more frequent posts.


How many times can ESPN replay the WSOP evens? In one week, I think I’ve seen the both halves of the first WSOP Circuit event at least three times each. WTF? I like watching poker and all, but aren’t there some other sports that you could televise every once in a while?


I joined a Volleyball League, so expect some volleyball content in the near future. A couple of the guys I work(ed) with, and I finally got off our lazy asses and joined a league after talking about it for the past five years. I think there were only two divisions, beginner and advanced, and for some reason we chose the advanced league. I put the over/under on number of wins achieved by our team that are not a result of the other team forfeiting at two.



At 12:50 PM, Blogger stefNfloyd said...

re: Tupperware containers ... I COMPLETELY relate. This is why to our dogs' delight, in our household, we've adopted the use-it-or-lose-it strategy for excesses and leftovers: "If it't too much today, it's gonna be too much tomorrow".


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