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Monday, July 04, 2005

Sometimes I'm Not So Bright.

Sometimes I’m not so bright.

A few short hours after posting about how great I have been doing playing limit ring games on PokerRoom, I decide that it would be fun to enter a multi-table tournament at FullTilt.

Ask me how that went?

Never mind, I’ll tell you anyway. It went shitty. I finished 130/192 not even making it to the first break. I might as well have wrapped $20 bill around a bottle rocket and launched at the kids setting off fireworks in the alley. It would have had the same EV.

In the beginning the tourney went ok, I won a few small pots and generally stayed out of trouble. Then the blinds started getting up there, and I bluffed at a few pots that I missed, and had to fold when I was reraised. I eventually caught an ace in the big blind with my A6, after calling a min raise preflop. I check-raised all in. He called with big-slick. Go me. I was going to fold, but I figured, what was the point calling the preflop raise if I was just going fold when my ace hit? So I made the first mistake not seem so bad by following it up with an even worse mistake. Brilliant.

I was pretty pissed about my crappy play, so I decided to pull up some more ring games, where I finished up another 13BB. I can’t think of a reason to play anywhere/thing else until my luck starts to change there.

So, as I was saying. Barring any severe lapses in judgment, you can find me on PokerRoom playing $1/$2 limit and that’s it. At least until I post a few losing sessions. And this time, I mean it. No matter how tempting those tourneys and their huge prize pool might be.



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