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Friday, July 15, 2005

Some Quick Comments

Some quick comments, not all necessarily poker related

Battlestar Gallactica

Today marks the beginning of the second season of Battlestar Gallactica. This means that I will not be going out on Fridays anytime in the near future. Not that I went out a lot on Fridays anyway, but this makes it official. They have some full episodes from last season that you can watch online if you haven't seen it yet. You should check it out.


FillTilt Poker is now offering hand histories. I wonder how long it will take the Poker Tracker guys to update their software to support it. As soon as they do, I can almost guarantee that I will start playing there more often. I really like the interface; I just need a way to track/monitor my performance.

WSOP Final

Raymer and Ivey got eliminated last night. Too bad I was hoping they would make it to the final table. I really hope Mike Matusow doesn’t win. He’s seems so whiny, arrogant, and obnoxious. It would be much more fun to see him take a string of bad beats at the final table and have him finish in 7th. Maybe he can be the new Hellmuth. Because that’s just what the world needs. We should know the winner sometime later tonight.

The Chicago Cubs.

Don’t let their current winning streak fool you. They still suck. They are just trying to win enough so that I start thinking they have a chance at making the playoffs. Once I think they might have a chance for the post season, they will lose 10 out of the next 12 games. They like to screw with me like that.

Charlie Tuttle Tourament.

WPBT “Charlie” Tournament
When? 6PM EST Sunday July 17th
Where? PokerStars
How Much? $20 - every penny goes to charity
What Do I Get When I Win? The comfort of knowing you’re doing something good for someone else
No, Really… No. Really.
All proceeds to go to wherever Charlie Tuttle’s family wants them. Come on out and play!
If you don't know the story... feel free to read: A Guy named Charlie.

You aren’t going to win any cash, but a number of bloggers will have some cool bounties on their heads and it goes to a good cause. Do a good deed and play some poker.

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