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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Quick Hits

Some quick random comments.


Poker Tracker support for FullTilt is no longer in beta. I think FullTilt will be my site of the month for a while.


Why does everyone complain that limit tournaments take too long? I was in one this weekend with 187 people and it only lasted like 45 minutes. Of course I didn’t win a single hand and was knocked out in 150th or so, but so what?


Played some Razz on FullTilt while I was waiting for my wife to be ready to be ready to watch a movie we rented. I’m not sure I’d consider myself a good player by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I can at least appear like I know what I am doing. I ended up ahead for the session so I can’t complain.


Watched some of the Bears on Saturday. At least their defense is looking good. I didn’t hear what the reason for sitting Thomas Jones was, other than he was resting. Maybe they were trying to show Cedric Benson that they don’t need him, Peterson will do just fine? Still way too many penalties. Every year a friend and I have a bet, one of us picks the number of Bears wins and the other takes the over/under. It’s my year to pick. I think 6 1/2 sounds about right. If I was offered 6 ½ I would take the under, but I’m I pessimist when it comes to my sports teams. Living in Chicago will do that to you.



At 5:07 PM, Blogger Ashwath Akirekadu said...

Mike, What is your nickname at pokerroom? If you don't mind sharing...


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