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Monday, August 15, 2005

Sweet Sweet Victory

That's right, the Fighting Banana Slugs won our first game tonight, and I'm going to Disney World.

Ok, so we didn't win the match, just one meaningless game, and the other team only had three players show up, but I'm focusing on the positive.

We actually had a full team tonight. We even had two extra players. In the very first game, we made it to double digits, losing 15 to 10 or 12 or something. In the second game, we managed to tie them at 14 before losing the final point. (Apparently the win by two rule doesn't apply. Lame.) By the third and final game, we finally wore them out, and we were able to achieve our first victory. Go Slugs.

Since we had two people sitting out, we were able to get a ton of pictures and video. I'm guessing that our captain will spend the majority of his work day getting those online, so check later for actual footage of our history making first victory.



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