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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Still No Poker

Its getting tough to justify calling this a poker blog anymore, as I’ve only really played poker once in over a month now, and I really don’t have very much poker related to talk about. Hopefully that’ll change soon.


We had a few people over last night to play some Cities and Knights of Catan. I employed a “build lots of knights strategy” that worked quite well, as I was able to accumulate quite a few victory points by defending Catan from the barbarians before anyone else could do anything to stop it. By the time they figured it out it was too late, and I was well on my way to victory.

Apologies to everyone but the three people reading this who have any clue what that last paragraph was about. One of my friends who has zero interest in poker has requested that I change the focus of this blog from poker related topics to things that interest him. So, since I have nothing poker related to write about, even if I wanted to, that was for him.


We also played some Set, which is a another game I would recommend if you are interested in unique games that you won’t see every day. I’ve heard great things about all the games that company makes. You should check it out. Then check out one of these pages for their daily online puzzles.


Still reading? You must be bored.


When I predicted that Kyle Orton would get more snaps as the bears QB than Grossman and Hutchinson last week, I was just kidding. It wasn’t meant to be some sort of prophecy.

I was watching the Bears game on Friday, and my wife, who is less than thrilled that football season is starting again, was asking why they play exhibition games. Aren’t they worried about their players getting hurt? I explained how they need to see how their players perform in actual game situations, and how it’s good to practice against someone other than your own team, and how the starters really only play about a quarter. The risk of injury is just something they have to accept. She comments on how she thinks it’s a bad idea, and no less than two plays later Rex Grossman goes down. Turns out he’ll miss just about the whole season. Great.


Fantasy Football draft is in two weeks. I should probably start preparing, although that’s a topic for another non-poker related post.


On a final note, I saw a preview for the movie Transporter 2 last night. Are you kidding me? The Transporter was just about the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. We rented it a few years ago due to the scene in the previews where he rings the doorbell then kicks open the door as the unsuspecting villain looks out the peephole. My wife thought that was hilarious, and I figured it would be a good action movie, and was happy that she had consented to renting it instead of pushing for some artsy chick flick. Holy crap did that movie end up sucking. In the words of Homer Simpson, “That was the suckiest bunch of suck to ever suck”. It was painfully bad, the plot was horrible, the acting was brutally awkward, there was just nothing good about it. And they’re making a sequel? If anyone is planning on seeing this movie, let me spare you the trouble. Instead of spending $10 to go see the movie, send me the cash, then stab yourself in the eye with a pencil. You will get extra enjoyment for your money, and I’ll get $10 for helping you out. Sounds like a win-win to me.



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