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Friday, September 02, 2005

PokerRoom Promotions

PokerRoom Promotions.

Sorry for the commercial nature of this post, but PokerRoom has a few cool promotions going that I though I’d share. And as always, you can use bonus code POKERWORDS for a 40% bonus up to $200.

First off, you can now turn your player points into free tournament entries, which is something I plan to take advantage of.  They actually released this a few weeks ago, but I’m a bit behind.  Here’s the points/tourney value:
$5+0.50 - 550 PP
$42+3 - 4,200 PP
$50+4 - 5,000 PP
$100+8 - 10,000 PP
$300+20 - 30,000 PP
$400+20 -38,000 PP
$1,000+0 - 90,000 PP  

They are also running sit and go challenge this weekend.  The top 10 points finishers earn a freeroll to a $20,000 added sit and go.  Players get 30 points for a 10 handed win, 10 points for a 10 handed runner up and 15 points for a five handed win.  Chasing this bonus is probably not something that’s good for my bankroll, but tell me this wasn’t made for the PokerNerd?  I think 8 tabling sit and goes for a few hours/days would qualify him.

I also got an email to subscribe for a free copy of the new PokerRoom Magazine.  (oooohhh).  “The first issue, a full 64 pages about and the world of poker in general, will be released in early October.”  I’m sure it’s going to be a bunch of crap about how great PokerRoom is, but it was free, and “Limited Edition”, so of course I signed up.   I’d guess that they are giving this to all their players because I can’t imagine that I am anywhere near the high roller uber comp level of play.  And I don’t think I’ve even logged into the site in about a month.  

Finally, like a bunch of other sites, they are running a Hurricane Katrina Aide Tournament.   $20+0 and they match the prize pool with a donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.  



At 6:45 PM, Blogger Christopher Trottier said...

Way too rich for my blood.

At 5:03 AM, Blogger John Stephens said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 5:05 AM, Blogger John Stephens said...

The more the promotions, the better the poker room!
Thanks for sharing.
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