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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fantasy Football Draft

My fantasy football league draft is tomorrow and I have absolutely no idea who I should pick. I have the fourth pick overall. I know exactly who I would take if I was in spots one two or three, but after that, the fourth through tenth guys on my list are all pretty much interchangeable. I’d much rather have a later pick so I’d be in better position for the second round. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of my top three will slip through. As for the later rounds, I haven’t even thought about them. When it comes time to pick my third receiver, I might as well draw names out a hat. I don’t have time to worry about them; they never do what you expect anyway.

This will be the fourth year of our league. It started three years ago when my friend’s soon to be wife told him that she didn’t think fantasy football looked that hard. He took that as a challenge which he then put in front of all of the men involved in the wedding. Everyone was challenged to join a league with them, and beat the bride. I think my friend and his wife both ended up in the super losers game at the end of the season. I started out that year 0-4 as I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and I drafted horribly. I think I took a kicker in fifth round. I managed to recover and tied for the last playoff spot, winning the tiebreaker. It was the year of Priest Holmes, but he had an off day when going against me in the playoffs, and somehow I managed to win the league. Figures there was no money on the line that time.

Year two saw the league expand to 10 teams, and I went into it pretty confident that I knew what I doing. I was wrong. I overanalyzed a few too many games, costing myself some valuable points as I watched my bench players do the exact opposite of what I though they would do when I benched them. Overall the league was pretty even that year. I think there was one run away leader, and one guy at 0-14 and everyone else was tied for second or a game behind. For the second year in a row I tied for the last playoff spot, but this time I didn’t have nearly enough points for the tiebreaker.

Year three was the year of Payton Manning as his owner ran away with the league. Going into the final week, I needed two teams ahead of me to lose, and the one tied with me to either lose, or just score fewer points than me, and I would be in the playoffs. One of the teams ahead of me lost, as did the team I was tied with. The other team that I was behind was losing by like 50 going into Monday night when Eddie Kennison caught 12 touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to give him the win and knock me out of the playoffs. What a bunch of crap that was.

So yeah, this year who knows what’s going to happen. I think the outcome is more decided by whoever has the least amount of injuries than anything else. Depending on how the draft goes, and how the Bears are doing I might post the draft results and comments tomorrow. You don’t actually want me to write about poker do you?



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