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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Card Dead

I wasn’t going to write about this because I didn’t want to sound like a whiney bitch, but I haven’t really had too much else to say about poker lately so if you don’t like it too bad.

I’m sure everyone has gone through sessions where they are absolutely card dead. Last night was one of those for me. I played for almost two hours. For the first hour I saw a total of two aces and four kings, with the highest kicker in those hands being an eight. What was especially frustrating about it was that there were some of the fishiest fish to ever swim in the poker sea at my table and I could not get any sort of hand worth playing against them. I would watch in utter amazement as this guy would call down a board full of paint with 74o. He couldn’t even beat a bluff, and yet he was calling the entire way. Over and over again. And there was nothing I could do to get his chips before he donated them to the rest of the table. Actually I did take one decent sized pot off of him, but it one of the first hands I played, before I had a read on him. I had to play cautious when I raised with QQ and he called and then continued to call even with an ace and king on the board. Had that hand happened twenty minutes later I wouldn’t have been as scared of the AK and could have taken more from him.

Hour two was a different kind of punishment. I actually started getting cards. I had a bunch of AK, AQ and KQ and a whole bunch of pocket pairs, often in good position, but not once did I actually hit a flop. You know how every once in a while you fold your 64o and then watch the flop come 664? Or had you not folded your 56o pre-flop you would have made a six high straight allowing you to destroy they guy with A5 who picks up the wheel. I didn’t even have those situations. It was like FullTilt was making 100% sure that there was absolutely no way I was walking away from the table ahead. Even if I played some garbage hands there was no chance of me accidentally winning a hand. I looked back at my poker tracker stats, and had I played every single hand to the river I would have had three of a kind or better only nine times.

The ultimate kick in the balls came when I was just about ready to leave. It was the final big blind that I was going to post, and I was dealt AA. I was just waiting for someone to raise me, as just about every pot had been raised preflop in the last hour or so. But no. It folds all the way around to me and I earn fifty cents out of the little blind. Why can’t it fold around to me when I have crap? I swear I have a severely disproportionate amount of hands folded to me when I have aces in the big blind. It’s like the poker site is mocking me. I declare shenanigans.

So despite having crap for cards I managed to finish down only $8, which I think is pretty good. For the most part I was able to get away from hands that I wasn’t going to win, after the flop and minimize the damage. I think a few months ago with the same cards I would have chased a lot more, and probably dropped a buy-in or two. I’ll take that as a positive.



At 12:15 AM, Blogger Winchester Family said...

I would like to make a claim of plagiarism. This has been my life from the beginning.

I'll let you off the hook if you can tell me how the hell to deal with this kind of crap.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I know exactly how you feel. I just came out of a two hour session with exactly the same feeling. I was dealt A-Q and flopped A-Q-10 rainbow. I bet out, bet the turn (4), only to get rivered by a 3. Who calls all the way to the river with 3-3 on a board like that? I absolutely hate it when luck rewards people for their bad play.

If I had two pair, someone else had trips. If I had trips, someone else had a straight. If I had straight, someone else had a flush. Even when I held big hands like the ace high flush, someone else had a straight flush. I made a lot of good lay-downs, but I prefer winning with smart play, not just losing the minimum. I definitely felt as though the deck was conspiring against me, always ensuring that someone had a slightly better hand than me, and always rewarding people for playing unwisely with vastly inferior hands.

Thanks for the opportunity to commiserate.


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