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Friday, September 30, 2005


A few years ago, Firefly  was one of my wife and my favorite shows.  It was a space western comedy on FOX, which unfortunately only lasted one season.   Luckily they went and turned it into a movie.  They decided not to name the movie after the show so that people who didn’t like the show wouldn’t make the connection.  Sneaky huh?  We’re hoping that the movie is such a huge hit, and they’ll be forced start the show up again.  Most likely the movie will be decent enough to have a really crappy sequel that will kill any hopes on ever seeing a new episode of the show.  So just for tonight, I’m giving you permission to stop playing poker to go see this movie.  

If you haven’t heard of the movie or seen the trailers, you can find the homepage here, and the trailers here and here.



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