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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Youll Never Guess

You’ll never guess what just happened.

I was playing a sit n go on PokerRoom tonight when the strangest thing happened.  After about an hour of playing, I was the only one left with any chips.  That’s right, somehow I managed to win it.  A few nights ago I played an SNG just for old time’s sake and to see what would happen, and sure enough I was the second player eliminated when I overplayed my set with three hearts on the board.    I was all ready to write about how bad my tournament game has become and just wanted to try a few more tonight to test out my theory.  

I’m not quite sure what happened.  I think the turning point was when I brilliantly tried to limp from under the gun with A2s.  Of coarse someone else raised, and I called out of spite.  The flop had two of my suit and the river brought the third.  It worked out especially well since the only other guy still in the pot made a king high flush and didn’t believe I had the ace when I reraised him all in.  

After that I think I actually played smart poker.  I didn’t overplay any of my hands, and generally stayed out of trouble.  I even managed not so screw up the heads up match as I’m prone to do.  

The only bad thing about winning is that it completely ruined the post I was kicking around in my head about how poorly I’ve been playing and why.  Maybe I’ll write down my theory later this week.  I think it still applies, just the fact that I was focusing on the leaks in my game helped me to avoid them.  


Moving on, I’m supposed to write something funny now.  One of my friends who insists on reading this blog, despite having no interest in poker complained that I haven’t written anything funny recently. So here goes…..

Yeah just kidding.  I got nothin’.




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