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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Stupid Football

What a crappy football day for me.

First off, the Bears lose a game they absolutely should have won. If they can’t pull this game out then I don’t see how they can expect to win another game this season. Although I think they’ve set a franchise record for most consecutive games with the same starting QB.

Then, I got knocked out of my football survivor pool. I think only 18 out of 70ish entries actually made it past the week one craziness, so I liked my odds. So much for that. Stupid good for nothing Tampa Bay can’t beat the lousy Jets.

And finally my fantasy team got destroyed. I brought it on myself betting my friend $5 on the outcome. We’ve had a number of $5 bets this on general sports related items this year and I think I’m 1-24. It didn’t help that my three receivers combined for a total of 10 catches, about 100 yards and zero touchdowns. Of course that is 6 receptions and 60 yards more than they had last week so maybe I shouldn’t complain.

So how long until baseball season starts up? Oh wait. Still going huh? Crap. This is going to be a long winter.



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