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Friday, October 21, 2005

Fun With Aces

Sometimes things just go your way. I was just dealt pocket aces three times in the last five minutes.

On the other hand sometimes things don't go your way. Those pocket aces were cracked by K6s when he made a straight on the river, K7s when he hit running sevens, and J5s when he hit a flush on the river.

I half expected to get beaten on the first two becuase the pot was capped with four or five players pre-flop. Those had suckout written all over them. The third one was a real kick in the balls because I actully flopped a set and was pretty sure I was going to bust the annoying guy at the table who let his time run all the way down on every decision he had to make. But no, instead I doubled him up.

I love poker. Maybe Stars will make it up to me by letting me win the Blogger tournament tomorrow.

Sorry for the bad beat rants. Move along.



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