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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fun With Search Terms

Fun with search terms.

I’ve seen some other people post about some of the more unusual things that people search for in order to end up at their site.  I figured I’d have a look at my logs and see if I was getting massive hits on some obscure term.   The answer is pretty much no, although I did find a few interesting results

I Hate TicketMaster”.  It seems I’m not alone on this.  Maybe I should form a club or something so we could have some community outlet to vent our TicketMaster frustrations.  Remember in the mid 90s when Pearl Jam accused TicketMaster of monopolistic practices but then lost their case when they planned a tour without using TicketMaster?  Then they ended up canceling most of the tour anyway.  Yeah, I went to the last show on that tour at Milwaukee’s Summerfest.  And I got my ticket though TicketMaster.  Ironic huh?  Anyway, TicketMaster sucks and I wish there was some other company to compete with them and help limit some of their ridiculous fees.  Someone really ought to try to break them up again.

“Cubs Suck”.  I’ve had a number of people stumble across this blog looking for confirmation of the fact that the Cubs suck.  I can only assume that it is some mentally challenged Cardinals or White Sox fan (redundant I know) trying to find evidence to back up his perception of the Chicago National League ball club.  You know, as much as I hate the Cardinals or the Packers, or Duke or Notre Dame, I don’t think the thought has ever crossed my mind to search the internet for like minded people.  And I’m not talking about your average run of the mill hatred.  I truly despise those teams, and take great joy in their misfortunes.  Still, I’ve never searched for “such-and-such team sucks”.  What’s the point?  Are you looking for stats to back up your claim?  To those of you that stumbled across this blog looking for evidence of the Cub’s suckiness I say kiss my ass.  We all know the Cubs suck. They always have and they always will.  You don’t need the some website to tell you that.  Now worry about your own damn team, because I’m pretty sure they also suck.  Except for that whole winning of the division and/or World Series thing.

"Jennifer Tilly Nude". I’ve received a couple variations on this search which means that my plan is working.  Pretty soon I’ll have the number one ranked site for tricking people into thinking they might get to see a famous actress/poker player in the buff.  Suckers.

I also get a bunch of hits for people looking for Poker Nerd’s SNG strategy.  I’m not sure why.  You could try Poker Nerd’s Site.  He can probably explain his strategy better than I.  

I get a fair amount of hits looking for poker spreadsheets as well.  For the past year I’ve used an excel spreadsheet that Chris Halverson put together, and I highly recommend it.  Its great for tracking your progress, and bankroll management, especially if you play at multiple sites.  He talks about it here, and has a permanent download page here.



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