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Sunday, January 22, 2006

PokerTracker Postgres Conversion

I converted my PokerTracker database to Postgres this afternoon.  It’s something that I have been meaning to do for quite a while, but I figured it would end up being a huge pain in the ass, that would only end up getting me pissed off.  I also figured it would take a while and I would have to baby sit it and with the choice between trying to mess around with database conversion issues, and just playing poker, the playing poker part won.

My laptop is three years old and quite well used.  It’s also starting to flake out on me and I fear that it is approaching the end of its days.  I’ve been trying to offload as much important information from it as possible in the eventual event that it decides it is no longer going to act as a functioning machine.  So today I moved my poker data to my linux box.  The process was surprising simple.  It took all of one command and a button push or two and then I just let it do its thing.  It took over two hours, but I didn’t have to baby sit the process as I had feared.  It just chugged away inserting data into my new database.  I observed some FullTilt tables to do some data mining after the fact and didn’t notice any significant performance issues one way or the other.  So if you have been thinking about converting to Postgres but you’re worried about how it will work, I’d say just do it, its pretty painless.   Instructions for doing so can be found here, and the general PokerTracker Postgres support forum is here.



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