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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Poker Goals for 2006

I’m not usually one who makes New Years resolutions. In fact the whole practice rather irritates me. However, the start of a new year does provide a convenient way to measure your progress towards any goals you might have, so what the hell? I have a few poker related goals that I would like to achieve in the upcoming year.

Move up to $3/$6

I’m currently a $1/$2 player who has stared dabbling with $2/$4. I would think that making it to $3/$6 in a year’s time should be a relatively easy goal to attain. If I don’t make it there then either I’ve stopped playing regularly or I’m just not improving as a player. To consider this goal met, I would like to be playing comfortably at $3/$6 most of the time, with occasional steps up or down, depending on what games are available.

Play more SNG’s

Admittedly, this isn’t a very well defined goal, but I don’t really have a specific number in mind for what would constitute “more”. Last year I played 130, but most of them were earlier in the year. I’d like to use a couple days each month to play SNG’s, just to mix it up and to keep my no-limit game from getting too rusty. I’ll say 10-15 a month, so 120-180 for the year, but more importantly it’s more than the three or four per month that I’ve been playing lately.

Win a tournament with at least 100 players

I’ve cashed in a decent amount of big tournaments, and made the final table in a few, but I think the biggest tournament that I’ve won had only 35 players. I have no doubt that I am capable of winning a big tournament, I think I just need to play in more of them. With PokerStars new 180 player SNG’s I think I’ll be able to play in bigger tournaments more often so this should be attainable.



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