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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Qauds on Board

Here's something you don't see everyday.

I'm dealt [ A A ] under the gun. Ok fine, I do get aces every once in while, so it's not all that extraordinary.

Great I thought, I really needed a premium hand as I was not doing so great this session. I bet and get four or five callers. Not so great. This is how aces meet their demise more often than not. Fold jerks. Except one or maybe two of you. You two can pay me off.

Flop is [ T T T ]. Now on the one hand, that's pretty good, I just flopped a full house. On the other hand, the way it seems my luch has been running someone else has the other ten. I bet only getting one caller. I guess I should have checked to let someone else draw into a worse full house, but I figured anyone with a high kicker might stay in.

The turn, and I would have to think this is pretty rare, is the other ten, giving us a board of [ T T T ] [ T ]. Now I'm glad I bet last hand, because I'm going to have to split this with any other clown who has an ace and hopefully I chased them away. I bet and he calls as expected.

River is a meaningless 5 and he turns over [ 8 8 ] after calling my bet.

Yeah it sucks when you flop a full house and then you lose the hand anyway, but how do you not realize that the fourth ten counterfeited your hand? How do you call a bet from the guy who raised or bet every street when all you have is an 8 kicker? What I could I possibly have raised with UTG that he can beat? 77? 23s?

Not that I didn't appreciate it, and not that I’m perfect, but the bad choices some people seem to make continually amaze me.



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