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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tourney Win

I finally won an online multi table tournament.

So what if it was on PokerChamps, which deserves consideration for the "worst players in the history of online poker" award?

And so what if there were only 36 players?

And so what if it was only a $5 tourney?

And so what if I was pretty drunk through most of it?

I still won and I've been needing a win like this pretty badly.

I wish I had some exciting plays to relate, but as I mentioned, I'm pretty drunk so I haven't really been paying attention. For the most part I managed to get cards when I needed them, and stay out of trouble when I didn't have cards. I don't think I ever had to put all my chips in. I was the chip leader when we were down to 8 players at the final table, and got to play some big stack poker, which is always fun.

The heads up battle was longer than any other I have been in, but I'm pretty happy with how I played. I don't consider myself to be a good heads up player, but I feel like I dominated this guy. We both had plenty of chips in relation to the blinds, and he was way too timid. He folded pre flop a lot, and also opted to fold rather than check a few times after the flop. I made one bad call where I doubled him up, but fortunetly I had such a huge lead at the time and was able to recover.

I guess the cool thing to do now is to post screenshots of your victories, so here it is:

go me.



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How do you post or get a screen shot?


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