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Monday, November 21, 2005

Home Field Advantage?

Twelve weeks ago, had you told me that at this point in the season not only would the Bears have their division all but locked up, they would be worrying about potential first round playoff byes and home field advantage, I would have a asked for a shot of whatever it was you were drinking.

When I set the line at 6 ½ wins for the Bears this season, and my friend chose the under in our annual Bears bet, I immediately regretted my choice. I considered the money for that bet gone.

But now here we are. The Bears have at least a two game lead in their division, and they are tied for the best record in the conference. Their offence could still use some help, but they aren’t going to be going against a top five defense every week, so hopefully they’ll be able to start scoring some more. And as long as they don’t throw five interceptions, their defense should always keep them in games.

Is it too early to start thinking about the superbowl for Da Bears?



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