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Sunday, December 04, 2005


I have a week off before I start my new job. I guess I could call this a vacation although since I don’t really have a job right now I think I’m technically unemployed. Either way I have week off, and not a whole lot to do since everyone else I know has the crazy “work” thing going on during the week. What’s up with that? So I’ll have some free time on my hands which should be nice. Among the other things I have planned there are a few poker related goals for the week that I guess I’ll fill you in on.

Play ring games all day. While I may have mentioned a desire to become a professional poker player some day, I don’t really see that as being a realistic goal. I would however like to try it out for a day just to see how I like it. I also have some unclaimed bonuses to finish, so what better way to take care of them than just sitting down for a day and pounding them out? In all honesty I don’t think I’ll make it for a full day. I’m guessing that I’ll get bored or frustrated, or I’ll notice myself losing focus to the point where it no longer makes sense monetarily to keep playing. I usually play in increments of an hour or maybe two, so I don’t see myself lasting much longer than that. Still, I’d like to live through a day in the life of an internet poker pro.

Play tourneys all day. Yes this is similar to the other goal, but as long as I don’t get knocked out of a number of tournaments real early I think I could do this one. I would like to play big tournaments more often, but I rarely have the time needed to finish them. I would say you should expect any tournament with more than 50 players to take at least three hours, and I don’t have very many blocks of free time that are three hours long. So I’d like to take a day and see if how I can do playing in some big tournaments. Of course playing during the day means that there probably won’t be as many other participants, but I think I should be able to finds enough to keep me busy. I’m especially interested in the 180 SNGs at PokerStars, and the various $26 guaranteed tournaments at FullTilt. My no limit game isn’t the sharpest at the moment, but I’d like to at least make a final table or two.

Finish Harrington on Hold’em. I started Harrington last summer, but for some reason I never got around to finishing it. It’s somewhat ironic that when I first started playing poker I played no limit tournaments and all of the books I read focused on limit ring games, and now that I primarily play limit ring games I started reading a book that focuses no limit tournament strategy. I need to finish reading this, and I have the time this week to do it, so I hopefully I can do it.

So that’s how my week is shaping up. It’s going to be rough. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through.



At 7:58 PM, Blogger dick clinch said...

Congratulations on your job change and your poker week ahead. I hope you'll let us know-- in your blog--how the adventure at the tables pans out.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger TripJax said...


Hope it is going well.


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