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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Poker? What’s that?   Do I play poker?  It certainly doesn’t seem like it any more.  

I did manage to squeeze in a SNG at some point last week.  I managed to finish in second and  I was rather proud of myself at the time.  I found myself shortstacked early, but battled back with well timed aggression and basically owned the table as we neared the money.  After a lengthy heads up battle I started getting impatient and pushed a little too often, finally running my A3 into his KK.  

Part of the reason I was getting impatient was that I had spent the previous few hours trying to get Poker Tracker running on my computer.  For some reason I could connect to my Postgres database via a variety of different methods, just not with Poker Tracker.  I finally checked the forums and found that the latest and greatest version of Postgres, version 8.1,  does not play well with Poker Tracker.  Postegres 8.03 is the most recent supported version.  I wish I had checked the forums before wasting half my night on it.  It looks like at some point they will work on upgrading Poker Tracker but it didn’t seem like a high priority.  Of course I haven’t tried to use it in over a week, so maybe it’s already fixed.  Just be warned that before you upgrade, check the forums.  


In  other news it looks like the Cubs season is already over.  Only they could find a way to stay in the race without two of their best pitchers, only to get their star position player hurt for a few months on some freak play all but guaranteeing a below .500 finish.

The Onion had a great article about the Cubs last week.  Those people are brilliant.


The nice weather isn’t helping out my poker situation since its forcing me to do more outside stuff. Not that I’m complaining, except for the part where I’m allergic to just about everything that any plant does at this time of year.  Ok fine I was complaining.  Stupid plants and their stupid pollen.  I should move the desert.  I bet there isn’t a lot of plant life there.  


I went and saw Lucky Number Sleven last night with my wife and her parents and her aunt.  The movie hasn’t gotten very good reviews, but it was the only thing interesting playing at the time we arrived.  I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, something Pulp Fictiony, but not as good yet still entertaining. The movie was great, way better than I expected.  I loved every minute of it, and I’d highly recommend it.  I can’t talk about it too much without spoiling it, but it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.  My wife loved it, her parents loved it, and her aunt loved it.  They must have done something right because we don’t exactly have similar tastes in movies.  Lets just say the other option for the evening was Take the Lead, which had I been forced to see may have resulted in me stabbing myself in the eyes to stop the pain.   Go see it.  


That’s it for now.  Time to go mow the lawn.



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