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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Baseball Season?

Now I did it. In yet another example of poor financial decision making I went and joined a fantasy baseball league. There's $50 I'll never see again. I have been thinking about joining a league for a while, just no one I know wanted to set one up. So when Donkeypuncher set up a poker bloggers league I figured what the hell. Its not every day you can spend $50 to demonstrate your nearly complete lack of baseball knowledge.

I actually thought about pre-ranking my players for the draft. I've spent a fairly large amount of time prepping for the football drafts in the past few years so I figured it wouldn't hurt to familiarize myself with some of the experts projections and with lesser known players. After about 10 minutes I decided it was hopeless and Y!'s default rankings would be good enough. The draft is tomorrow and there is no way I'll have enough time to figure out a good draft strategy by then. I think I'll make it worse by trying mess with it. As long as I don't draft 5 second basemen maybe I'll be ok. Or not.



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