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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Random Comments

Random Comments

If I was smart I would break this post up into a bunch of little posts so that it looks like I post more frequently than once a week, but I’m not so instead I present to you: one long post for your reading enjoyment.

What does FC mean?

I wanted to play at GamesGrid on Sunday to try to work off some of the $8 billion bonus that I have sitting there.  Unfortunately there were very few tables active, and most of them were full.  Except for a few of these “FC” tables.  I had noticed them before and wondered what was different about them.  All I could tell was that the max buy-in was a little less then the non-FC varieties of the same game.  

I pulled one up and I was amazed at the loose aggressive play.  There were a few players that had more then five times the max buy in, and there were all-ins a plenty for well over the max buy in.  I was almost afraid to join in but I figured I could just sit back and wait for a big hand and then hopefully double up.  Plus the large pots meant I would be earning points towards the bonus at a much higher rate than normal.  

After a while of folding garbage and watching people lose their buy-ins and rebuy like they had infinite hordes of cash just sitting around, I decided to check my points balance to see how I was doing.  That’s when I noticed something wasn’t quite right.  It claimed I had not earned any points this session.  It also claimed that my bankroll had not changed and that I had $0 in play.  Hmmmmm.  

So, I go back to the table lobby and see that I have the “all stakes” option checked.  Apparently this also includes “Free Chips” which is what FC stands for.  That would explain the maniacal play I had been witnessing.  And it only took me a half hour to figure that out.  I know.  Sometimes my genius amazes even me.  

2005 WSOP Tournament of Champions

I finally saw the TOC the other night.  I say that assuming that it has been rerunning on ESPN for quite some time now and I somehow managed to avoid it.  For all I know this week was the first time it aired.  I came in towards the end, just as Mike Matusow was sucking out on Steve Dannenmann twice in the course of a few televised hands.  That left him, Phil Hellmuth , and Hoyt Corkins as the last three remaining.  As much as I can’t stand Hellmuth or Matusow, that was some good TV.  Watching those two go at it, trying to put each other on tilt was classic.  I have new found respect for Matusow as he really seemed to piss Phil off.  Its too bad Corkins couldn’t have won the thing.  

Volleyball Update

My volleyball team finally started winning.  We had to get demoted to the special ed. league to do it, but so what?  The league is broken up into three seven week long sessions.  There are five divisions, A Through E.  At the end of each session the best team in a division is moved up, and the worst moved down.  We stated in C because we figured we would do all right there, and it was on a day that worked out well for everyone on the team.  We were competitive.   If by competitive I mean finished with 4 wins out of 21 games, in dead last.  So we got demoted to division D.  No big deal we figured.  We’d just win this division and be right back in C for session three.  Yeah.  Not so much.  We were a little more competitive this time. Winning five games, and even a match, but again we were demoted.  So far, two weeks into the division E session we already have six wins.  And we’re not even trying.  It isn’t even worth playing.  I’m pretty sure that our opponents don’t have full use of their limbs because that’s about the only way you explain how much they suck.  I hope our opponents in the other divisions didn’t think playing us was as boring as we think playing these other teams is.   On the plus side, our games finish early so I can get home at a reasonable hour.

New Toys

I have two new computers arriving soon.  The first is a new server since my current server just decided last week that it wasn’t going to run anymore.  I have no idea what the problem was.  It would just sit there trying to read from the cd drive without actually doing anything.  Luckily the hard drive was OK, and I was able to drop it into the shell of my old desktop whose hard drive had crashed a few months earlier.  Speaking of which, my laptop is also getting up there in years, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, so I’m building a new desktop to replace it and my old desktop.  And yes I do need that many computers.  No one asked you.  I was going to be lazy and just buy some prebuilt machine from Dell, but a coworker of mine just built his own, so I stole his part list, and basically ordered the same machine.   I still need new monitor, but those are a bit pricey.  I may have to wait on that.

So I should have some new toys soon, the only problem is that there is a good chance they will be arriving in the middle of March when I am going to be in Hawaii.  Hopefully UPS won’t just return them.



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