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Saturday, February 18, 2006


DADI Heads up championship

The Donkeys Always Draw Invitational presents the Heads Up championship, sponsored by TripJax and HighOnPoker was tonight, although I think it probably should have been called an open rather than an invitational since as far as I know everyone was invited.   Whatever.  I didn’t organize it so I guess I don’t get to name it.  

I decided to play despite the fact that I suck at heads up.  62 Players registered which meant I had to last six rounds to win.  Yeah right.  

Round I

First opponent sellthekids.  

We went back and forth for a few hands.  Then I got JJ and won a huge pot.  All under cards including two sixes were on the board, but he wouldn’t fold.  I was scared he had trips or a straight, but my river all-in finally got him to lay down his hand.  I won it a few hands later when I flopped two pair with my K4.  The flop was all clubs and he lead out.  I put him all in, hoping he didn’t have club or even worse two.  He called with one, but failed to complete his flush allowing me to advance to round II

Our match finished up in about five minutes.  I then had to wait another half hour before everyone else was done.  

Round II

Second opponent SoxLover.

This round lasted all of three hands.   On the hand in question I have JT and the flop was jack high.  After a series or raises we both go all in.  He has JK and I’m done.   Well played by me I must say.

On the plus side, I did learn something about my heads up game.  I’m way too aggressive.  I think I played a total of 15 hands in two levels of this tournament.  That tells me I’m betting too aggressively.  In the first game it worked out ok.  Not so much the second time.  I really should have slowed down when he reraisesd my reraise, but apparently I’m not that smart.

I usually operate on the assumption that my opponent most likely doesn’t have a good hand, and if he does, the flop will probably miss him, so if I show enough aggression I can get him to fold.  If I miss the flop and he plays back at me I can get out, but if I hit the flop I can punish him.  The problem is when I connect on the flop and my opponent does better.  I won’t give him enough credit and I’ll bet into better hands until I run out of chips.  

For those of you that might run into me in a heads up situation, here’s the key to beating me.  Wait until you have the nuts, or close to it, and then let me hang myself, because I will.  

So I need to work on my heads up game, which is kind of why I wanted to play in this tournament in the first place.  Thanks again to TripJax and HighOnPoker for setting it up.  Hopefully I’ll do better next time.



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