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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Online Poker is so Rigged

Online poker is so rigged. I know I’ve mocked people in the past for statements like that, but the following situation happened to me a few too many times this weekend to be mere coincidence. I’m pretty sure that someone has rigged the software against me, and what’s worse, they aren’t content to just see me lose, it has to be in the most painful manner possible.

Here’s what happened. I played a number of sit-n-goes this weekend and I would inevitably end up in a situation where I was either relatively short stacked or the other person in the hand was. I would make a preflop raise, and get called. I would then catch a decent size piece of the flop and either end up all-in or putting my opponent all in.

When the cards are revealed I would see that I started with a significantly better hand, say ATs vs K6o, but was out flopped. [A K 6] for example. Now that’s fine. It sucks, but it happens. You aren’t going to win every hand you play, even those where you start out ahead. I can accept that. What tends to put me on tilt is what happens on the turn and river. The turn brings me a card that puts me back in the lead in the hand. In this case, it was a ten, and just as I’m doing my little happy dance of joy thanks to the newfound balance in the world, the river card comes up and screws me. Something like another six to give the clown a full house.

That whole, “You’re behind, oh wait now you’re winning, just kidding you lose, sucker “ scenario happened over and over. The only possible explanation is that someone behind the scenes at FullTilt is out to get me. I don’t know what I did to piss them off, but they’re certainly getting their revenge.


I was watching a movie with my wife last night, and playing a little poker at the same time. I must be in some kind of tilty mode, because I decided that jumping up to $2/$4 would be a good idea despite the fact that my previous experiments at the level didn’t work out so well and lately I haven’t been running all the well at $1/$2 either. I think subconsciously I figured I could recoup my losses faster by moving up in limits. Because that’s always a great idea. I hear lot of gamblers get out of debt that way.

That’s not the point. There was this guy at the table that became my nemesis for the night. He was two to my right, and raised what seemed like every hand. In reality my PokerTracker stats have him raising 15% of the time, but it seemed a lot more than that. Every time he was the first one in the pot pre-flop he would raise, and every time he was on the button, which meant I was in the BB he would raise. It was a little annoying, but not too bad because I was able to play back at him often enough and get him to fold. He actually seemed to have some pretty good post flop discipline and knew when to bail out of a hand and when he could get his opponents to fold.

He had about $50 when I stat down, and was at almost $300 when I left. In addition to playing a ton of hands, and playing very aggressively, he was getting more than his share of favorable boards.

It became my goal to extract as many chips from him as possible. I knew if I played long enough, I would get into a situation where I had him dominated and I could get him to bluff into me for a lot of chips. While we were in hands together a fair number of times, one of us would usually bail before getting too heavily invested.

At one point I was down a fairly significant amount from my original buy in, and starting to get frustration induced tilt. I had slow played a few big hands and it ended up costing me and it seemed like few times that I would make a hand, someone else would make a slightly better hand. My top pair top kicker or top two pair would lose to a set on a disturbingly regular basis.

In this particular hand I had AQs UTG and my nemesis was in the BB. I raised and everyone folded except him. The flop was TT7, and he bet. I was fairly sure this didn’t help him so I raised and he called. In past hands this scenario would be followed by him check folding on the turn.

The turn was rag but he bet. I figured that didn’t bode well for me as he had been giving up on hands he didn’t like when he met resistance. Still. There was a reasonable chance that he was still bluffing, plus I hated him because he was running over the table, so I called.

The river didn’t help me either, and again he lead out. I called out of frustration. There’s no reason I should have called. Bluff-calls on the river are not usually something you find in a winning poker player’s arsenal but I was tilty and didn’t care. He had Q6, which was nice because it was about the only hand he could have possibly had that I could beat. He then called me a “stupid fish donkey bi atch”. I try not to encourage people who feel the need to berate/coach other players at the table, but in hindsight, I so wish I had taunted him there.

After that hand we generally stayed out of each other’s way, and he found the time to give some helpful instruction to a few other members of the table. He was big into criticizing people for making the exact same plays that he would make. Nothing makes me want to beat a certain player more than when he criticizes other people’s play, especially when he makes all sorts of questionable plays himself.

After a few hours I had clawed my way back to even. I decided to play one more orbit and then call it a night. The first hand of that orbit gave me wired cowboys, and a nice sized pot, meaning that I was probably going to finish up ahead for the night.

On the very last hand I was going to play I’m dealt a pair of aces. I raise it up and everyone folds to my nemesis in the big blind and he reraises. Oh happy day, I’m finally going to be able to take some chips from this fool I think as I cap the betting. The flop was 774, which seems harmless enough. Maybe he called with a seven, but it doesn’t seem likely. He check calls my bet. The turn is a jack and this time he check raises me. It’s possible he has a seven after all. He’s certainly representing one anyway. JJ is reasonable as well. There’s also a pretty good chance that he has nothing and he’s trying to get me to fold. I’m not happy about it but I raise. I’m not letting him scare me off my aces that easily. He caps. The river is king and this time he bets first. I raise again and he three bets. No longer confident, I only call, and he turns over his pocket kings for a full house on the river.

So I had a dream scenario. Aces against Kings with my designated bitter rival starting off the hand needing a ton of help. I was going to be great. I was going to win a huge pot and then leave before he could try to get any of it back. But alas, I was rivered, and my potential winning session gets wiped out in heartbreaking fashion. As I was saying, poker is so rigged.



At 6:47 PM, Blogger ZeRat11 said...

Thats what I'm talking about. Those bastards are out to get me.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Matador said...


At 12:03 AM, Blogger King_GEM said...

Poker Stars is rigged, no Q asked, I took my last and final so called "bad beat" online. i sat down with my last 13 dollors at a live table after losing 20 dollors to two consecutive full houses at a previos table. My first hand i get dealt kq suited. I was the big blind "i waited for the blind to come to me" only one other person was in the pot the small blind folded. I raised it to a dollor, blinds were 10-25C. he calls. Flop comes 10-2-J. i got an open ended straight draw. He bets a dollor. i call. turn 9. I got the straight. no flush oppurtunities, i got the nut! He bets 2 dollors i go all in and he calls. river comes 2. he flips over pocket deuces for quads. Now he had ten outs and i wouldnt even be that mad if the board paired and he got a boat. Thats just poker. The fact is my very first hand at this table with the last of my money because i lost to a 5-6 offsuit fullboat and then a 10-4 offsuit fullboat. Sit down first hand and run into quad 2's. Now you can think i just have bad luck but im telling you when i play live i finish WELL almost EVERYTIME. A friend of mine witnessed this and he went out losing with pocket 4's to pocket q's. he hit his set and the guy rivered his, AT THE SAME TABLE I RAN INTO QUADS 20 MIN LATER. They fix the cards for higher rakes, they have bots, the whole thing is a sham. They dont even have to sell anything. Their just like the ciggarette companies but they dont kill your flesh they kill your pockets.

At 8:12 PM, Blogger punt said...

To me there's no question that its rigged and i hate the dumbasses who question it due to 'increased hands played'. What makes it obvious to me is that when you flop a strong hand like top pair aces or two pair or trips, there will almost always be either a straight draw, two suited cards or both. And even if you're up against only one player its almost garuanteed that they have that draw, and will follow it to the end and almost always catch it.

At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take it from a software engineer who worked for tiltware. Online poker is rigged for action. Its all about money. The algorithms are set up to induce action. Poker software is designed to create big pots (larger rake), so the poker site can make as much money as possible.

It is also designed to attract the masses, the more people playing the more money they make. The software employs something the engineers call equitable distribution, which is designed to keep every player near a pre determined win percentage. The reason for this is simple. They want to attract as many players as possible.

Think about if all the poker players in the world sat down to play 1000 hands with an equal amount of money. Maybe 5-10% of these players would really be skilled players. By the end of 1000 hands the good players would have the majority of the money. The online poker sites know this, and they do not want this to happen because eventually the weaker players will stop playing because they would continually lose. The poker sites would be left with a small group of skilled players and this would seriously decrease their revenues. Its simple, the smaller the number of people playing, the smaller the number of pots, the smaller the take. So they design poker software that tries to keep everyone close to the same winning percentage. That way sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The skilled players cannot dominate like they can at a live table. So the weaker players (the masses) aren't run off.

Equitable distribution is the exact opposite of live poker. Live poker is based on RANDON distribution.

The moral of the story is: do not waste your money on online poker, if you look you should be able to easily find a live game in your area, they are alot more common than you might think.


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