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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another 180 SNG final table.

Another Day, Another 180 SNG final table.

So far this year I have made the final table in half of the 20 table SNG’s that I’ve played at Stars. Of course I’ve only played in six, but so what?

I only finished 9th this time which is somewhat disappointing, but I can’t complain too much. I came to the final table severely short stacked and pushed with JQs. I met a pair of tens and he flopped a set.

Acknowledging the fact that I have a small sample size and variance will probably see to it that I don’t cash in another tournament for decades, I have to say that these tournaments are very beatable. Most of the players hand selection in these things is questionable at best. It seems like anytime I’m in an all-in situation, I find myself amazed at the crappy hands they are risking all their chips with. Sure I push with mediocre hands on occasion, but only when I’m desperate or I think I can steal a pot. I don’t think most other players at this level realize that. So many players go broke on hands they should have never gotten involved with in the first place.

If anything, I’m too tight, allowing other players to push me out of pots with inferior hands, but a lot of that is because I know if I wait long enough someone will be more than willing to donate his chips to my cause.

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